Gesture Controlled Robotics | RoboFeast - 2019

Gesture Controlled Robotics


All the workshops by RoboFeast-2018 will be delivered by Revert Technology Pvt Ltd. All participating teams(4-5 Member) will get a free Gesture Controlled Robot kit from the sponsors. We have different kind of Robotic kit for each workshop. These kits have been designed by Revert Technology keeping the view of current & future requirment of the Robotic applications among Indian engineering students. All kits have variety of features. All the component of these kits has listed below, although kits for different workshops look very similar but these kits have many technological different among itself. We have used AVR Microcontrollers to as central processing unit in all the kits.


Workshop Duration

The duration of this workshop is 2 consecutive days, with 8 hour session each day in a total of 16 hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

At the end of this workshop, a small competition is organized among the participating students and winners are awarded with a Merit certificate.

Highlights of the Workshop


Day 1 | First Session | Basic of Robotics 

  1. Introduction of Robotics
  2. Basic of Robotics
  3. Various Robotics technologies
  4. Manual control robot
  5. Intelligent robot
  6. Artificial Intelligent robot
  7. Features of Robotics
  8. Components used in Robotics
  9.  Motor
  10. Accelerometer
  11. Application of Robotics


Day 1 | Second Session | Basic Electronics

Basic electronic components

    1. Resistor
    2. Capacitor
    3. Diode
    4. Transistor
    5. DIAC
    6. SCZ

 Integrated Circuit

  1. 555 IC
  2. LM358
  3. IC7805
  4. IC7912
  5. MAX232
  6. Development of Logic Gates.
  7. Power Supply
  8. Basic concept Op-Amp
  9. Sensors used in Robotics
  10. Interfacing of sensors


Day 2 | Third Session | Introduction to AVR Micro-controller

  1. Introduction of Microcontroller?
  2. Comparison between microcontroller and microprocessor?
  3. Need of Microcontroller.
  4. Introduction to Embedded c
  5. Writing your First Embedded Program
  6. Writing Programs for Line Follower, Edge Avoider and Cell Phone Controlled Robot
  7. Writing Program for Light Searching Robot
  8. On screen Debugging Programs(Step by Step)
  9. Flashing Compiled Embedded Program on a Microcontroller


Day 2 | Forth Session | Sensors and Motors Control Using H-Bridge

Types of Sensors

  1. IR Sensor
  2. Circuitry and Functioning of IR Sensor
  3. Sound Sensor
  4. Circuitry and Functioning of Sound Sensor
  5. Light Searching Sensor
  6. Circuitry and Functioning of Light Sensor
  7. DC Motor Control
  8. H-Bridge Motor Driver/Controller
  9. Hands on Session for H-Bridge interfacing
  10. Directional Control Through H-Bridge
  11. AVR Microcontrollers

Development of Robot

  1. Assembling Gesture Control Robotics  Kit
  2. Programming of AVR micro controller for gesture base Robot
  3. Testing of final Circuit

KIT Component for Gesture Robotics Workshop:

1. The controller board (Revert Technology Board)
Built around the popular Atmel AVR microcontroller ATmega 8 with ample of program
2 channels of motor controller Board, capable of driving 2 dc motors memory (8Kb)
 On board power regulator IC
 On board power supply socket
 Onboard program RESET switch
 Atmega8 Microcontroller
 USB Programmable
 USB Powered (only for programming)
2. USB Cable
3. Chassis:
 Chasis cum Motor Driver Circuit
 Driven by 2 geared motors and 2 Castor Bullet
4. Motors: 2 gears motors (BO-2 Type)
5. A pair of Wheels with rubber
6. Sensors: a Pair of IR Sensor
7. Tool: Screw Driver
8. ADXL-335
9. Software

**Free Gesture Controlled Robotics Kit in a Team (5 members).

Click here to Download pdf 

Just after the workshop a Mega Competition Zonal final of RoboFeast 2018 will be held. Winners will be awarded by Certificate of Merit . All Merit Students will able to participate in RoboFeast 2018 Final Round which will be held on March 2018 at IIT Roorkee. 


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