Matlab & Image Processing | RoboFeast - 2019

Matlab & Image Processing

Workshop Duration

The duration of this workshop is 2 consecutive days, with 8 hour session each day in a total of 16 hours properly divided into theory and hands on sessions.

At the end of this workshop, a small competition is organized among the participating students and winners are awarded with a Merit certificate.

Highlights of the Workshop

 Day 1 | First Session | Introduction to MATLAB

  1. What is MATLAB.
  2. The dominance of MATLAB over other languages.
  3. The application of MATLAB in various fields of engineering.
  4. MATLAB Environment.

Arithmetic Functions in MATLAB 

  1. MatrixCreating Matrixes and VectorsMatrix Operation
  2. Array Operation.
  3. Indexing Matrix.
  4. Adding Elements to Vector or Matrix.
  5. Various Flow Control used in MATLAB2D & 3D
  6. Graphical Plotting

Day 1 | Second Session | Introduction to Image Processing

  1. What is Image Data.
  2. Image Processing Toolbox.
  3. Importing Image.
  4. How to build a matrix image.
  5. Image Display.
  6. Image Operations.
  7. Image Conversion.

Image Arithmetic  

  1. Adding Images.
  2. Subtracting Images.
  3. Multiplying Images.
  4. Dividing Images.
  5. Spatial Transformation.
  6. Resizing Images.
  7. Rotating Images.
  8. Cropping Images.

Image Filtration  

  1. What is Image Restoration.
  2. Noise and Images.
  3. Noise Models.
  4. Noise removal using spatial domain filtering.
  5. Periodic noise.
  6. Noise removal using frequency domain filtering.

Day 2 | Third Session | Morphological Image Processing

  1. Mathematic Morphology.
  2. Z2 and Z3 .
  3. Basic set theory.
  4. Logic Operations.
  5. Structuring Element.
  6. How to describe Structuring Element.
  7. Basic Morphological Operations.
  8. Erosion.
  9. Dilation.
  10. Combining Erosion and Dilation.
  11. Filtering Application.

Introduction to Graphical User Interface  

Application and Demos  

Day 2 | Forth Session | Sensors and Motors Control Using H-Bridge

Zonal Competition After the hand on theory and practical experience from the workshop, Zonal Round Competition will be conducted for the participants.


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Just after the workshop a Mega Competition Zonal final of RoboFeast 2018 will be held. Winners will be awarded by Certificate of Merit . All Merit Students will able to participate in RoboFeast 2018 Final Round which will be held on March 2018 at IIT Roorkee. 

 Registration Fees: – 

1200/- per student only (The fees include training, Certification and event Registration and a free Matlab & Image Processing kit to each Team Group of 4 student .)

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